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The Collings Lakes Civic Association (CLCA) is a community run, not for profit organization, whose primary focus is maintaining the communities lakes, beaches, CLCA owned property and dams through volunteer work by its members, and the officers of the CLCA. The CLCA also assumes financial responsibilities (as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization)  for the maintenance of the CLCA holdings though budgeting of the collections of community maintenance fees all resident homeowners are required to pay, and voluntary membership fee collections.

CLCA trustees and officers DO NOT get paid for their work for the community; it is all done on a volunteer basis. The Collings Lakes Civic Association was approved as a 501 (c) (3), Charitable Corporation in 2006.

Mission Statement (Certificate of Amendment to the Certificate of Incorporation)

To lessen the burdens of government for the Borough of Folsom, Atlantic County, New Jersey, the Township of Buena Vista, Atlantic County, New Jersey, and Monroe Township, Gloucester County, New Jersey, by maintaining those certain beaches, lakes and dams within said municipalities known as Collings Lakes, providing and maintaining an environmentally and ecologically safe and friendly area for the support of natural wildlife and plants within the Collings Lakes ecosystem, providing educational programs with respect to preserving the natural habitat of indigenous wildlife and plants and to exercise all other rights and powers conferred by the State of New Jersey upon non-profit corporations.

The Board of Trustees met on Tuesday, December 15, 2015 and elected the following Trustees as:

Officers of the Executive Board for 2016:

  • Marx Heller, President
  • Eric Kertz, Vice President
  • Kathy Besch, 2nd Vice President
  • Jennifer Kertz, Secretary
  • Barbara Hehre, Treasurer
  • Kate DeBarberie, Assistant Treasurer
  • Darin Midgette, Finance Officer

List of all trustees for 2016

  • Marx Heller
  • Eric Kertz
  • Kathy Besch
  • Jennifer Kertz
  • Barbara Hehre
  • Kate DeBarberie
  • John Besch
  • Darin Midgette
  • Diane Rode
  • Steve Bailey
  • Dawn Pesano
  • Joe Golini, Sr.
  • Larry Adair
  • Dyanne Jones
  • Rachel Flickinger

Newly elected Trustees and Officers will be installed at our Annual Meeting on February 1, 2016.

Chairpersons for 2016

  • Eric Kertz – Publicity Committee  Chairman
  • Steve Baily – Dams Committee Chairman
  • John Besch – Accounts Receivable Chairman
  • John Besch – Lakes & Beaches Committee Chairman
  • Dyanne Jones – Welcome Committee Chairwoman
  • Diane Rode – Activities/Fundraising Committee Chairwoman
  • Rachel Flickinger – Elections Committee Chairwoman

1/26/16 – JT


Basic Community Maintenance Fee (All property owners): $48/yr.
Maintenance of beaches, lakes, dams and all CLCA owned property, and basic benefits. These include; “Beach Tags” (Swimming) and ability to utilize all common areas, including boat ramps, fishing areas, beaches and picnic areas, basketball courts, etc. All family members living in a household are covered by this basic fee.

All property owners are required to pay this basic yearly fee, whether or not they swim, use beaches or lakes, fish, or make use of any CLCA owned property. The decision to use the lakes and CLCA owned property is personal; the obligation to pay each property owners fair share of maintenance and upkeep for them is not a personal decision. It is an obligation we all have to each other, and our community, and which we all agreed to at the time we purchased our property here in Collings Lakes.

Resident Membership Fee: $27/yr. Additional Fee.
Membership in the association at a $27.00 additional fee includes the following benefits: Voting privileges, ability to be nominated for a position as Trustee and Executive Board, Chair a committee and to participate in member only events. See our “Home” page for clarification on the court ruling that mandates this separate designation.

Associate (non-resident) Membership Fee: $200.00/yr. for a family of five (5) residing in the same household, with $50 each additional family member (over five) provided they live in that same family household. THIS MEMBERSHIP PROVIDES; All access to all community owned property, but does not convey voting privileges. One must be a property owner in Collings Lakes to qualify as a member (with voting privileges.)

Make a payment! Now you can pay your Maintenance fees online! Use a credit card, debit card, or a PayPal™ account and get a receipt immediately! Pay off your card at the rate you want, when you want. No muss, no fuss! How cool is THAT?

All documents are in Adobe Reader® format, which can be downloaded free here:Get Adopey Reader

BYLAWS  Bylaws of the CLCA.

The Bylaws were created with an attorney and are the rules of the corporation that are not routinely changed. Any changes must be made with the assistance of an attorney. We have to maintain our status as not only a non-profit organization, but a 501 (c)(3) Charity.

POLICIES Policies are:

Policies are created by the Trustees and are subject to change via vote by the trustees as well as added or have resolution made to them. There are also certain requirements in the policies that are required to maintain our status as a non profit, charity, to apply for grants, loans, etc.

Versions verified current via Marx Heller and uploaded 05/15/2014


Meetings for the Collings Lakes Civic Association are held on the first Monday of each month at the Collings Lakes Elementary School at approximately 7PM. PLEASE NOTE: If a holiday falls on the first Monday then the meeting is held the second Monday of that month. There are no meetings scheduled in the months of July or August because the school is closed during those months.

Collings Lakes Elementary School
620 Cains Mill Road
Collings Lakes, NJ 08094

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All Collings Lakes residents and property owners are encouraged attend and participate in the monthly meetings. Volunteer help is always needed so please help out and continue to make our community a great place to live. For more updates on the Collings Lakes Civic Association please sign up for our newsletter.



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